Thursday, February 11, 2010

UT commit Justin Hunter in action

So as many of you know, I am an announcer at my old high school in Virginia Beach. Last night Kellam played Ocean Lakes in basketball. Ocean Lakes is the high school of Tennessee football and track commitment Justin Hunter.

I was announcing the football game between Kellam and Ocean Lakes when he caught 3 huge touchdown passes. Now I finally got to see him up close sitting at the announcer's table while he played basketball. I had joked with the Kellam players earlier in the week to go ahead and win but try not to hurt Hunter (they all know I am a UT grad). They got a laugh out of it and said they will do their best.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about him is that he is very thin. Yes I like that he is 6'4" and is very quick, but I think he will have to spend some time in the weight room and get stronger if he is going to be able to battle for balls in traffic in the SEC. I do not know how that will effect his leaping ability for track and field, but for football it is a priority.

What impressed me the most was his crazy leaping ability. He really got up above the rim on the two dunks he had in the game, however, basketball is definitely his third best sport as he could not sink a free throw to save his life and Kellam won the game 50-44.

I do think Tennessee has a great player in Hunter and will be a huge help for the Volunteers in both football and track and field.

Another name I want everyone to remember is Kellam basketball player Ramone Snowden. He is just a freshman and only 14 years old, but plays like a senior and at 6'5" 200 lbs (and still growing) he looks like one too. I am not a big fan of these scouting services that are ranking high school freshman, but he is near the top of those lists.

It will be fun to watch Snowden's progress from up close.

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