Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

It's finally here! These two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday seem to drag on forever with all the pre game hype. I have learned more about a sprained ankle and how to heal it than I ever needed to know, and I have had sprained ankles! Of course I am not about to play in the Super Bowl, so just staying off of it for a few days was good enough.

Anyway, here is my pick for the game: Colts 31 Saints 24

I have to go with Peyton Manning here. He is like an orchestra conductor with a football when he runs that offense. You give him a few series and he will have the Saints defense figured out. I also do not think the Colts will turn the ball over 5 times like the Vikings did in the NFC Championship game.

However, if the Saints do win I will not be too upset. I think everyone has a soft spot for New Orleans and what happened to that city after Hurricane Katrina.

Enjoy the game (and the commercials) everyone!

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