Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 College Football Pick'em Week 6

Well everyone got the win picking LSU but of course we would have all been glad to take the loss instead after what happened. Bottom line, if the Vols had picked up that 4th and 1 or stopped LSU on 4th and 14 this would have never happened. The faux pax is squarely on the coaches and players. I give them credit for fighting the whole way and the biggest sign of valor is if the Vols can pick themselves up and take out Georgia.

Let's look at the standings:

Last week

Alex 11-1/Joseph 10-2/Chuck 9-3/Trey 9-3/Tiffany 9-3/Dina 8-4/Shibley 7-5/Will 7-5/Victor 6-6/Eva 5-7


Chuck 48-12/Shibley 46-14/Trey 41-19/Alex 36-12/Dina 25-11/Tiffany 24-12/Victor 23-13/Joseph 19-5/Will 17-7/Josh 8-4/Andrew 8-4/Eva 5-7

Starting next week I will start including winning percentage so make it count this week!


No. 7 Nebraska at Kansas State


Paul Bunyan's Axe - Minnesota at No. 20 Wisconsin

No. 1 Alabama at No. 19 South Carolina

No. 11 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (at Cowboys Stadium)

Paul Bunyan Trophy - No. 17 Michigan State at No. 18 Michigan

Clemson at North Carolina

Pittsburgh at Notre Dame

No. 12 LSU at No. 14 Florida

No. 23 Florida State at No. 13 Miami (FL)

USC at No. 16 Stanford

Pillow Fight of the Week - New Mexico at New Mexico State

Tennessee at Georgia

Good Luck!!!