Friday, July 9, 2010

Tennessee Vols Arrested After Bar Brawl

No matter who the head coach is, it looks like some Tennessee Volunteers just can't stay out of trouble. I was going to comment about the Lebron James circus last night, but Big Orange Country dropped this in my lap today.

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley has preached the role character will play in his football program. He will be put to the test today following an embarrassing early morning bar brawl Friday allegedly involving Tennessee football players.

Already, two players have been arrested and charged freshman receiver Da’Rick Rogers (a five star recruit) for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and sophomore safety Darren Myles Jr. for assaulting a UT police officer and resisting/fleeing arrest.

According to the incident report, Myles elbowed a UT police officer under the eye, then tried to run away through campus and was found hiding in the bushes.

Police are continuing to investigate, as two people were sent to the hospital as a result of the melee. One of those was an off-duty Knoxville Police Department officer who was at the bar and tried to break up the fight, according to police.

His reward was being knocked to the ground and kicked until he was unconscious by a group of people identified as Tennessee football players. He's being treated for a head wound.

Some of the other Tennessee players that were detained for questioning or may still be questioned in connection with the brawl, according to police, include defensive tackle Montori Hughes, defensive tackle John Brown, receiver Denarius Moore, safety Janzen Jackson and receiver Matt Milton. In particular, police are looking for more information on who was actually involved in the assaults.

The incident happened at Bar Knoxville on the strip (it was Liquid Knoxville through most of my years on campus). In my opinion it has never been my kind of place. I am not really the clubbing type, and there has always seemed to be some seedy things going on there.

At this point I am getting so annoyed and ashamed with the way these players are representing the football team and the university. Yes I know all the facts have not come out and there are two sides to every story, but you just cannot have players keep getting into trouble like this.

Another problem that may arise is that Tennessee football players received "VIP status" at Bar Knoxville and didn't have to pay a cover. NCAA rules stipulate that athletes aren't allowed to receive any extra benefits or special arrangements such as discounts at restaurants or bars. I am pretty sure no more players will be allowed to go to Bar Knoxville in the future.

If Dooley is a man of his word there could be some strong punishments for the players involved. I have a feeling that Myles is going to be gone since he had been charged back on April 18 with disorderly conduct after an incident at another nightspot near campus. It is tough to say goodbye to such a ballyhooed recruit but Rogers might have to go as well. As for all the other players, we will all have to wait till more information comes out.

Sadly, this story will not go away anytime soon.

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