Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA Advances in Dramatic Fashion!

It is never easy for the red white and blue is it? The United States needing a win over Algeria to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup, pulls it out in the last possible minute and gives my nerves a big Tennessee game test.

Sam's Army had so many chances in the game it almost seemed it was just not going to happen. Knowing that England was ahead of Slovenia, it started to look bleak as timed ticked away. It would have been a major disappointment for the USA not to advance to the knockout stage which is actually a good thing now that expectations are so high for soccer in this country.

Goalie Tim Howard made a good save at the start of added time and threw the ball out to Landon Donovan who got the counter attack moving. The United States was able to use their speed and make a great break on goal. Clint Dempsey was denied again (should have had a goal early in the game but was incorrectly called offsides) but Donovan was there for the rebound to give the game to the United States!

The burst of emotion from myself was repeated all across the country as fans were treated to one of the greatest moments in U.S. Soccer history! Sam's Army have been the comeback kids throughout the World Cup and qualifying, scoring nine goals after the 86th minute. However, it would be nice to not be in that situation for once.

While there is jubilation across America, it comes with heartbreak as Slovenia realizes they are out of the World Cup at the last possible minute. It is what makes this such a great event. Riding high one moment and despair the next.

Up next for the U.S.A. is the knockout stage against the runner-up in group D. There are no more draws. The games will move to extra time, and then sadly if necessary to penalty kicks. Now that we are to this point, let's see how far we can go!

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